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To Contact AYSO Staff please submit help ticket by clicking here: HELP TICKET

Please note : All AYSO staff are volunteers and may not access their emails daily.  Please submit help ticket to ensure you are helped in a timely manner.  The help ticket is your fastest way to contact us. 


AYSO Region 644 Board of Directors
Executive Board Members
Email Address
Alan Dagen Regional Commissioner alanlegaleagle@hotmail.com
Blas Belmonte Asst. Regional Commissioner Cuevano56@hotmail.com
Ross Sabath Treasurer Treasurer@ayso644.org
Hector Schmidt Select Program Director hector.L.schmidt@gmail.com 
Jim Briceno Chief Coach Administrator (Girls) jimb2050@gmail.com
Ross Sabath Chief Coach Administrator (Boys) rsabath@ultimatesoftware.com
Gilberto Braga Chief Referee Administrator gibabraga@hotmail.com
Ivan Aristizabal Safety Director


Ivan Aristizabal Child/Volunteer Protection Adv


Howard Levine



David Lyons Registrar miamid99@hotmail.com
At-Large Board Members
Email Address
Corina Ramirez Communication Director


Lina Sanchez Uniform Coordinator linafersanchez79@gmail.com
Sandi Alfonso Volunteer Coordinator Sandihoyos22@gmail.com
Valeska McDonald VIP Coordinator vrmg13@gmail.com
Division Directors 
If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s team, coach, or practice schedule, please contact your Division Director. Coaches who may need to report dropouts or requests add-ons may contact the Division Director as well. Please see the table below:
Division Director’s Name Director’s Email
U5 Boys - Born 2012 Gus Sanin Gus_Sanin@yahoo.com
U6 Boys - Born 2011 Rohit Singh rohits@rohit.net
U7 Boys - Born 2010 Sandi Alfonso Sandihoyos22@gmail.com
U8 Boys - Born 2009 Sandi Alfonso Sandihoyos22@gmail.com
U10 Boys - Born 2007-2008 David Lyons miamid99@hotmail.com
U12 Boys - Born 2005-2006 Steve Lewis steve@iseinc.org
U14 Boys - Born 2003-2004 Michael Wurtenberger michael@bankerslending.com

U16 Boys - Born 2001-2002

Michael Wurtenberger michael@bankerslending.com
U19 Boys - Born 1998-2000 John DeLeo johndeleo@shaw-ross.com
U5 Girls - Born 2012 Jim Briceno jimb2050@gmail.com
U6 Girls - Born 2011 Jim Briceno jimb2050@gmail.com
U7 Girls - Born 2010
TJ Wilkerson
U8 Girls - Born 2009
TJ Wilkerson
U10 Girls - Born 2007-2008 Sophie Sobol Amer sophie.sobol.amer@gmail.com 
U12 Girls - Born 2005-2006
Joe Lospenuso
U14 Girls - Born 2003-2004 Melanie Chapilliquen melanie.chapilliquen@hotmail.com
U19 Girls - Born 2002-1998 Sarah Nickoson snickoson@gmail.com
U10 Training Programs
Email Address
Technical Director Tom Mulroy tom@copalatina.com
U8-12  Girls Jan Wiechmann oachjan.wiechmann@me.com
U8-12 Boys Jan Wiechmann coachjan.wiechmann@me.com


Select Teams 
If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s team, coach, or practice schedule, please contact your Coach. Please see the table below:
Division Coach's Name Coach's Email
U13 & U14 Boys (2003-2004) Carl Ricketts carickt9@gmail.com
U15 Boys (2002) Ricardo Gangi ricardo.gangi@gmail.com
U16 Boys (2001) Ranji Ragbeer ranji@ninjasfc.com
U18 Boys (1999) Blas Belmonte cuevano56@hotmail.com
U13 Girls (2004) Jason Gordon Jaydog0375@yahoo.com
U14 Girls (2003) Hector Schmidt Hector.L.Schmidt@gmail.com
U16 Girls (2001 & 2002) Franklin Wheelock khronos1@gmail.com

Mail to:
AYSO Region 644
P.O. Box 266725
Weston, FL 33326



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