Below is some updated News for Coaches and Parents.



1.    Consistent with the U.S. Soccer mandates on heading the ball, heading is banned for all division players U-12 and below in both practices and games.

Heading for players in U-14 is limited to a maximum of thirty (30) minutes per week with no more than 15-20 headers, per player. There is no restriction on heading in matches.

2.   For U10 and below ONLY: An indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposing team if a player age 10 or younger, deliberately touches the ball with his/her head during a game.

    a. The indirect free kick is to be taken from the place where the player touched the ball with his/her head.

    b. An indirect free kick awarded to the attacking team inside the opposing team’s penalty area, must be taken on the penalty area line parallel to the goal line at the point nearest to where the player touched the ball with his/her head.

3.    Neither cautions nor send offs shall be issued for persistent infringement or denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity related to the heading infraction.

4. For U12 Players Heading is not allowed but there will be no stoppage of game for any infractions.  Referees and coaches should remind the player at the earliest convenience that it is not allowed.  

On the Field Coach Help

If you are a head or assistant coach and would like some on the field coaching help or some assistance with a practice please contact our Technical Director Tom Mulroy at


IF you have any problems with referees please report it to the building.  Do not Argue with the Volunteer referees. This is not NEW information but is always GOOD information.  Parents and/or coaching staffs who argue, complain, or make vulgar remarks are all subject to the AYSO discipline policy and maybe be given suspensions and/or be removed from the fields until play can resume.   


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