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Please read thoroughly in it entirety this disclaimer before registering into any of our Divisions.

By registering, you are accepting the NASAA FL-0002 League terms.

Thank you.


This information is provided to all potential players to the NAASA-FL0002 know as Weston Adult League (WAS) with its Over 35 Men’s 11v11,

Over 42 (O45) Men’s 11v11, Over 45 Men’s 8v8, Under 35 Men’s 11v11 or Over 35 Women’s 8v8 Divisions.


The Adult Divisions are operated by Directors Gio Castiglione (Overall Adult AYSO/O35 11v11), Jesus (Chucho) Castilla (O42 11v11),

Ricardo Rupcich (O45 8v8) and/or Juan Zuluaga (U35 11v11). These 4-Divisions run hand in hand with our youth AYSO program.


Contact via email:

Gio Castiglione, O35 11v11 (

Jesus (Chucho) Castilla, O42 11v11 (

Ricardo Rupcich, O45 8v8 ( )

Juan Zuluaga, U35 11v11 (

Mike Duane, Tues/Thurs Pickups (


Alan Dagen is the Lead Commissioner for both the Youth and the Adult Leagues.


AYSO is our parent organization and we have always joined this family with mandatory service hours.  It has always been a critical part

of our league to support OUR youth program by volunteering our time to coach teams, referee games and other support as needed.

This support is always needed and welcomed by the kids.  As an experiment, we will not log hours this coming year, because we believe

that you will continue to support AYSO as needed.  Please do so.  It is fun, it helps teach a new generation of kids our beautiful sport that

we all love, and you get the chance to share your passion and knowledge, with kids who are learning to shoot, pass, and dribble.

Please make sure you participate in this great opportunity to play such an important role in the lives of our children.  We hope that

with your continued support that we can continue to do this as a voluntary venture for future seasons



The Over 35 11v11, Over 42 11v11 and Over 45 8x8 Divisions operate from approximately September 2017 thru May 2018. Games are

played on Sundays either at 8:00 AM or 9:45 AM (we try to alternate schedules for all teams).


The Under 35 11v11 League is a shortened season and will operates from approximately January 2018 thru May 2018. Games are

played on Monday’s and Wednesday’s at 9:00 PM.


Each player is provided a full uniform, except for shin guards and cleats, which are required by the league to wear when playing.


League players are also entitled and have preference over non-league players for our Tuesday and Thursday night pick-up games. Games

start at 9pm and Division is operated by Mike Duane with assistance from Gio Castiglione and several Division captains. Amount of

participants on any given Tuesday or Thursday evening will determine the size(s) of team(s) and the number of field(s) that will be played

upon. When participating, you are encouraged to meet at 8:30pm at Weston Regional Park pavilion shelter adjacent to Field #4 (parking lot).


Our registration is OPEN to everyone. IF you register for a particular League division, you are required (if a first time NEW player to the

league) to attend evaluations and pickup games to meet the fellow players, captains for possible roster spots on established teams, and to

gain a rating if you registered for the Over 45 8v8 Division.


Roster spots (on teams) in the Over 35 11x11 Divisions are at a premium and very limited. Roster spots (on teams) in the Over 35 11v11 Division for returning players are guarantee only for players that register during the first 14 days of registration If you were on a team last year, there are no guarantees you are on a team (in the O35 Division) this upcoming year, after that registration window closes. Each team will have a required number of roster slots to fill that MUST be occupied by the time the captains meet for final season preparations /draft

Late August. We also will have OPEN tryout dates for any new players wishing to break into the League(s).


All NEW players that register MUST attend tryout(s). Players not on a team roster after draft day will be contacted and given options as follows: (1) Stay on as a waiting list player and play on Tuesday/Thursday evenings, (2) move up, if qualified, to Over 42 11v11 or the Over 45 8v8 Division, or (3) a full registration reimbursement.


Players on rosters in a respective division/league at end of last season  must register before the end of the two (2) weeks grace period for returning players (preferred sooner) to rejoin the Division/respective teams. Players not on a team roster after draft day will be contacted and given options as listed above.


If a pre-existing player wishes to play for another team, they must speak to their assigned team captain(s) of their intentions. If accommodation is not achieved, and the player wishes NOT to play for the previous years team, he will be forced to be placed into the general draft open to any team to draft. If this player does not wish to play for his new team rightfully drafting him, he will be expulsed from the Division/League and ineligible to return and participate during the season at any of the League’s Divisions.

Registration fees are as follows:

-Sunday Men’s Over 35 11v11 Division – $320.00

-Sunday Men’s Over 42 11v11 Division – $320.00

-Sunday Men’s Over 45 8v8 Division – $295.00

-Monday/Wednesday Night Men’s Under 35 11v11 Division – To be determined at later time

-Tuesday/Thursday Pick-ups Division -$175.00


All fees are subject to change.


Every player must register through the InLeague system by creating an account and all players are required to pay the full Division’s fee.


By registering to play in either of the 3-Sunday Divisions, Under 35 Men’s 11v11 or the Tuesday/Thursday pick-up games, you are agreeing

to the Rules and Regulations of the League. We take these Rules and Regulations very seriously, so should you.


In order to qualify as an Adult League Player certain requirements must be met, and by registering, you agree to these terms:


Once you register and make your payment, $25 of your payment is immediately sent to cover National AYSO costs. This

portion of your registration cannot be reimbursed if you are seeking a reimbursement of any kind due to (a) injury,

(b) personal matter, (c) hardship or any other reason a reimbursement is needed/requested.


• Must take a Safe Haven and Referee course. This is a must as we would like the quality of our volunteers to be at a maximum.

When volunteering, you are asked to dress professional as possible (no flip flops, tank tops, etc…) and to refrain from obvious cell phone

use while on duty during a game you are a referee, linesmen or field marshal.

• Help with repairs and re-netting of goals prior to the start of each fall season. Contact Gio Castiglione if you are interested in assisting—

much help is always welcomed and benefits both the Youth and our Adult program (if you like to play soccer with nets on goals). 

• Help with AYSO State Games when they are held in Weston.


For those persons that do not make it onto one of the Sunday divisions we offer Tuesday and Thursday night pick-up games at the

registration cost of $175.00. By registering and paying to play Tuesday/Thursday nights you will automatically be placed on the waiting list

to play on Sunday if a roster spot is opened within your similar rating and receive preference over non league players when teams are

picked for pick-up games. Players not registered and attending or using the fields on adult league times will be asked to leave the fields and

register as Tuesday/Thursday players.




WAS Rules and Regulations


(Under 35 11v11, Over 35 11v11, Over 42 11v11 and Over 45 11v11)


  1. FIFA rules and regulations will apply except were modified or changed for the purpose of this league. As in the case of a slide tackling which is not allowed.


2. It is strongly appreciated that players come out and assist with their support for the AYSO Youth Divisions as outlined earlier. We

are an affiliated member of the AYSO program, and part of our commitments if to maintain and support the love of soccer in our area.   


  1. Substitutions for both teams will be allowed at any time during stoppage of game (except during playoff games, FIFA SUBSTITUTION RULES APPLY DURING PLAYOFFS). Play will begin even if the other team is not ready. It will still be required for the referee to be notified prior to a substitution. Players must come off the field prior to a substitution being made. Water breaks midway through the first and second halves can be requested to the center referee and acknowledged by both team captains before kickoff.


  1. Over 35, Over 42 and Over 45 Divisions Games are to start promptly at 8:00 am and 9:45 am with two halves of 45 minutes each and a 10-minute break for the half. There will be a 5 minute break between games. Under 35 Division Games are to start promptly at 9:00 pm with two halves of 40 minutes each and a 5 minute break for the half.  Referees will request game cards 5 minutes prior to the start of each game. The clock will start at the designated time whether the team(s) are ready or not. If a team cannot start within 10 minutes of the designated time the game will be forfeited (a friendly game can be played with the players that are present and guest players can be added, however it will still be a forfeit for the team(s) that could not field enough players at time of kickoff.


5. The games are played with 11 players a side (unless playing in the Over 45 8v8 Division). To field a team you must have a least 7

players (6 in Over 45 8v8 Division) to make game official. You cannot bring in players that are not on your roster, the only exceptions

are the goalies. Requested goalies must be a registered adult league member, in compliance with age restrictions (Over 35 & Over 42 must

be 35 years; Over 45 , 40 years). Player CAN NOT play on the field.


  1. The team captains are the only players that should address the referees. If a player has a concern, problem, suggestion, etc. it should be discussed with their captain. Any over aggression verbally or physically to ANY referee or linesman can and will be punishable to the maximum allowed punishment. NO EXCEPTIONS.


7. There is absolutely no slide tackling for the purpose of dispossessing the ball from a player. If a player slides tackles he will receive a

yellow card or a warning, which will again be at the discretion of the referee. Sliding for the ball is allowed so long as it is not in the

possession of another player (i.e a ball going out of bounds or rolling into an open goal.)


  1. Blue Cards are shown when a player or players are seen by the referee to be escalating in temper or close to getting out of control during a game. These Blue Cards are not sanctioned to gain points on players record for LDB rules purposes, but, anyone shown a Blue Card must immediately get off the field and not return to play for 5 minutes, at which time that player may then re-enter. He may be replaced on the field at the time of his temporary removal.


  1. If a Direct Red Card is given to any particular player, the game will be stopped and will not continue until the player given the Red Card has left to the parking lot and away from the field of play. Red carded players are subject to EXPULSION and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis as drawn out by the Leagues rules.


  1. Uniforms will be included in the registration fee. Cleats and shin guards are required (cleats and shin guards not provided).


In addition, the NAASA FL-0002 has a League Disciplinary Board (LDB) which oversees all violations of the Rules and Regulations. The LDB

has the authority to impose sanctions, suspensions and expulsions to any given player as well as any of the four (4) League’s Division

Directors. The LDB governs not only the Sunday Leagues but the Tuesday/Thursday pick-up games as well. The NAASA FL-0002 prides

itself for providing a family oriented atmosphere in which adults have a place to enjoy soccer and their families can enjoy watching them play.



Zero (0) tolerance for violent behavior. Any violent behavior in ANY Division will result in immediate EXPULSION.


While we understand that at times games may get heated, the LDB and Directors severely sanction those who engage in fighting and violent conduct towards referees, other players, and spectators. Moreover, you will be removed from the league with no refund for conduct contrary to the rules and regulations. Rants and abusive outbursts towards referees and players, even if on the same team will not be tolerated. If it becomes excessive and/or habitual you will be removed from the league. It should also go without saying that any violent act (i.e. Aggression, Spitting, Punching Kicking or Biting) on the on Park grounds will be cause for automatic expulsion from the league–no questions asked.






Weston Regional Park soccer fields are the home fields for our Adult League. Tequesta and Vista Parks are used as alternate when needed and available.





Tryouts and Tune ups: Most likely at Baseball fields

Labor Day Weekend: 9/2 to 9/4 OFF for this weekend

Exhibition Games Over 35 11v11 and Over 42 11v11: Sunday, 9/8

First Game (#1) of 2017-18 Season :

- Over 35 11v11 and Over 42 11v11: Sunday 9/15

- Over 45 9v9:  Sunday 9/8


For the Over 35 11v11 and Over 42 11v11 Competitions we will try to insure that all players play at least 45% of each game during regular season games. Playing time during play-off  games will be at captains discretion.  


The Over 35 11v11 Division


Competitive vs Recreational?  The league is a mix of the 2, but leaning now more Competitive /Select while retaining some basic AYSO rules. The competition level over the last 8-years in this 11v11 Over 35 Division has steadily increased and due to the ever changing balance, the league is now more of an Open League. Because of this, rules and breaking them will be more severe and not tolerated. We will always want proper “gentlemen” behavior, and keep honesty and simplicity as the key. All Captains were explained this, and know full well of any misbehavior and the consequences that will be applied.


  • No Division Player Ratings. Players must be of division age and fit division requirements.
  • 10 Teams of minimum 18 players (19 allowed, if 18 at start of Game #1, team locked in for 18 all season long).
  • 18 Regular Season (tournament) League games
  • Playoff Rounds are still in Championship League Format (TBD next Capts Meeting how applied)
  • 3-referee system in effect
  • LBD governs Division with transparent rules (if “X” happens “Y” is the sanction as agreed by Captains). LBD members: Paulo Castro, Jose Luis Jaramillo, Ares Michaelides & Mike Duane.
  • LRPC members Danny Perez, Celso Hurtado, Enrique Deschiave, Gio Castiglione) – Responsible for any player/roster issues.
  • Rainout Makeup Games - will be determined to fill in on open dates once teams and rosters are locked in. Will try to maintain OPEN BYE weekends in the season if possible on Sunday mornings if scheduling allows, if not Tuesday/Thursday 9:05pm night games go into effect as always.
  • If injury or a player drops from roster, there is only 1-open window to bring in any players from OUTSIDE the league, this is between Game #6 through Game #12 ONLY. Post Game #12, only players allowed on roster are ones from waiting list prior to Wee#12. Any registered player post week/game #12 cannot be picked up by ANY team regardless of team roster.
  • During OPEN window, only a maximum of 2-Players are allowed by any one team. Full-price paid for anyone registered in this Open Period for registration and joining a team roster.
  • A forfeited game by any team is a “0-3” loss and a deduction of 3-pts (–3pts) from the Division League Standings.
  • Only 1-Requested game change per team in the Fall 2017, and 1-Request per any team in the Spring 2018 if AGREED by both captains. Game must be made up 2-weeks from the scheduled game or the “forfeit rule” is the result to the team requesting the game schedule change.



The Over 45 8v8 Division


The 8v8 culture is one in which all players from the most to the least skilled players can enjoy the game whether they win or lose a game.

We all have our competitive side and we would like to win rather than lose a game, but that should not be our only objective. We should all

be out on the pitch to enjoy the game and remember that we are all friends. We will try to be flexible and exceptions to our rules will be

looked at on a case by case basis.


Our plan is to balance all teams and if we need to make adjustments to a team to balance it during the season we will. Remember, no

system is perfect and if you are on a team that is not doing well please have patience. 


We will try to insure that all players play at least 50% of each game.


In addition to all the WAS Rules and Regulations listed above the Over 45 Division will follow:

We will play with eight (8) players a side. One (1) goalie and seven (7) field players.

We will play the width of a standard pitch. Field dimensions will be 40-50 yards wide by 45-50 yards length.

• We will use 7’x21’ goals.

• Teams will roster at least 14 players.

• 1 referee will be assigned per game except in playoff games where two (2) will be assigned

• Offsides will not be called.

• To score ball must be on offensive side of the pitch and touched by at least two (2) players of same team.

• No slide tackle allowed.

Must volunteer a minimum of 10 service hours for AYSO program. Involvement in Referee Training Program thru registration will

suffice this requirement.

• LDB governs all Division disciplinary matters.

• All other FIFA rules will apply.


The Over 42 (45) 11v11 Division (Players born by December 31st, 1975 and older)


Newly formed Division in Weston Adult Soccer starting this Fall with most of the teams already compensated for with roster spots filled. This was done to assure and forecast player movements and balance for the already existing Over 35 11v11 and Over 45 8v8 Adult Soccer Divisions. Roster spots (on teams) in the Over 42 11x11 Divisions are very limited. Roster spots (on teams) in the Over 42 11v11 Division for players already identified by team captains during preseason are guarantee only for players that register during the first 14 days of registration.


Registration for this year ONLY is pre-set at Over 42. This league goes by calendar year eligibility requirements (eligible players must be born by December 31st, 1975 or older). There is no guarantee that if you are a 42 year old player you will be on a team as there was a maximum of only 3 of these such players to be invited to join the existing Captained teams. (this limit might be increased if the league considers so appropriate)

Players on the goalie position can be eligible as long as they are over 35 (as per the eligibility rules of the over 35 division). 


  • No Division Player Ratings. Players must be of division age and fit division requirements.
  • 6 Teams of minimum 16 players (19 allowed on rosters).
  • 10 Regular Season Tournament Fall League games and 10 regular Season Tournament Spring games.
  • Playoffs: Top team in each of the two-tournaments qualify to playoff semifinals as well as 2 best at large finishing teams (could be 3 teams if by chance the same team wind both Fall/Spring Tournaments).
  • 3-referee system in effect
  • LBD governs Division with transparent rules (if “X” happens “Y” is the sanction as agreed by Captains). LBD members:,(League Captains (TBD)
  • Rainout Makeup Games - will be determined to fill in on open dates once teams and rosters are locked in. Will try to maintain OPEN BYE weekends in the season if possible on Sunday mornings if scheduling allows, if not Tuesday/Thursday 9:05pm night games go into effect as always.



AYSO Background Check



Florida law link:


Disclaimer: Florida Statute 943.0542 in accordance with The National Child Protection Act requires that all volunteers such as coaches,

referees or others who interact with minors undergo a background check.  Any person wishing to volunteer in AYSO must complete

an AYSO Volunteer Application Form in eAYSO each year and submit an e-signed copy to the Region and consent to a criminal background



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