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Mini Kickers - Elite Training Program (U5-U7)

Born: 2010, 2011, 2012


Program Description: The Elite Training Program prides itself on providing the highest quality training, staff and facilities in a fun environment. Most importantly we have created a player-centered approach where coaches look to expand ideas, team concepts and create the competitive culture needed to withstand the highest levels of soccer. 

The U5/6/7 Elite Training Program is the first of a four part serious that concludes at the age of U12. The programs’ overall design is implemented to create the technical, tactical, physical and psychosocial abilities needed to become an Elite Soccer Athlete. 

At its core the Mini Kickers Program will provide the socio-psychological guidance for young children to fall in love with soccer and let the game provide a high standard of education alongside the influence of high quality teaching while having fun. Players will participate in a pool training environment alongside numerous other children where they get to interact and develop their social skills. They will be placed in groups of 12 players each according to their level of play.

As they graduate the Mini Kickers, our players will be able to handle the ball with their dominant foot and both hands; they will start to understand to occupy their original position after an action is finished, they will be able to run and stop with and without the ball; they will have some basic coordinated movements with and without the ball, they will be able to recognize to move forward when attacking and to retreat when they have to defend. They will also be introduce to all technical aspects. All games will be completely designed for joy, competition, and the creation of love for the game. At the same time children shall learn by doing. The game is the best teacher. 

Come grow with us.

Fact: Children at this age have a very limited attention span and are very self-centered. 

Elite Training Program: Exercises will be individualized, games will be played in small-sided environments (no more than 5vs5), and kids will have maximum time on the ball and one ball to player ratio. 

Training days and times:  Tuesday, Wednesday 4:00pm-5:15pm

Coaching: The environment is led by the Technical Director and the Director of Coaching. All coaches in the program are professional licensed coaches (minimum USSF D-License) and are following the lead of the Directors during each practice.

Competition: kids are only playing in their AYSO games. During AYSO season breaks they are invited to join some jamborees.

Price: $170 Recreational fee + 1 Training per week: $150 Fall Semester (September-November-10weeks),  1 Training per week: $200 Spring Semester (January-April)  


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